Received my fabrics from spoonflower! I absolutely love how they turned out. I’ll be making totes with these😍 #spoonflower

It’s fall! Time to eat candy apples!

PomPom Gal pulling off cotton candy harrrdo 

By the way, I love nude eyebrows!  


I ate too much of these in high school…. 

Frosted strawberry is my favorite! What’s yours? :D

wip of a new series of illustration featuring fabulous eyelashes by Natalie of EyelashJewelry.

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I also have mugs and iphone cases on society6 too!

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Thank you so much!

Hey there kitty! LAVENDER

I first saw this top on Urbanoutfitters then found a less expensive version on Forever21. Only if I had the body! ;-;

Hey there kitty GREY

Top is based on what Cameron Diaz wore in In Style magazine. So Sexy!

Here is one of five kitty themed illustrations I did.

I will be posting others later.

Most tops from the illustrations are inspired/based on outfits from urbanoutfitters (that I LOVE!)