I ate too much of these in high school…. 

Frosted strawberry is my favorite! What’s yours? :D

wip of a new series of illustration featuring fabulous eyelashes by Natalie of EyelashJewelry.

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I also have mugs and iphone cases on society6 too!

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Hey there kitty! LAVENDER

I first saw this top on Urbanoutfitters then found a less expensive version on Forever21. Only if I had the body! ;-;

Hey there kitty GREY

Top is based on what Cameron Diaz wore in In Style magazine. So Sexy!

Here is one of five kitty themed illustrations I did.

I will be posting others later.

Most tops from the illustrations are inspired/based on outfits from urbanoutfitters (that I LOVE!)

Adventures of Sherlock Holmes!

Wanted to do something vintage looking.

Heyo, I want to share something with you guys!

If you use Chrome and watch lots of Youtube, you should download this Chrome extension! 


My boyfriend recently developed this extension called, YouSlow, and needs people to use it. All you have to do is download the extension, and whenever you experience buffer freeze while watching Youtube videos, it analyzes that data and shows on YouSlow website. Once there’s enough people using the extension, you’ll be able to see if your internet provider sucks or not and which provider you should change to! Feel free to share with people around you! :) Thanks!